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Program Philosophy
Workshops and residencies are developed for schools by the artist and with coordinating teachers and staff, to fit your school community and connect educationally with grade levels being served. The workshops and residencies honor core curriculum content, affirming and deepening the students' knowledge-based learning. Field trips to museums or other venues can be integrated with workshops or residencies. Collaborative residencies with other art disciplines are also encouraged.

The Artist
Pam Beagle-Daresta has devoted over twenty years to teaching and sharing her passion for art making. She is a paneled teaching artist with The Georgia Council for the Arts, South Carolina Arts Commission, Fulton County Arts Council, Young Audiences of Atlanta, and the High Museum of Art ‘s “ I See Literacy “ program rosters. She is certified in DBAE, and Talents Unlimited; and also trained in Art Therapy with the Georgia Council on Child Abuse and Bernstein Artful Learning. For 9 years Pam created and taught an art curriculum that connected with core curriculum for K through 8th grades at St. Joseph’s School. Her residency work includes printmaking, papermaking, book arts and 20 plus community murals - most recently a Georgia History mural with Durham MS art students for Senator J. Isakson’s Washington DC office.

Resume: Pam Beagle-Daresta

Elementary residency murals are painted by 5th grade students. The mural imagery is generated through student drawings from any grade level and may connect with any curriculum content. MS and HS mural imagery may connect with any curriculum content and are usually painted by art students. Murals are painted on wood panels usually 8' X 12'.

Book Arts
Elementary book formats classify and identify curriculum content and can serve as GPS assessment. Example Rainforest folding books identify biome layers respective plants and animals. MS and HS residencies focus on book format and construction techniques, to create books as a work of art.

K through 12 workshops include a brief historical background, scientific principles, environmental issues and all participants create a piece of handmade paper. Residency projects may incorporate printmaking and result in collaborative paper quilts or book arts projects.

Primary grades workshop printing with fruits and vegetables creating a portrait print.
Secondary grades workshop simple relief printing, example Japanese inspired Styrofoam engravings.
MS and HS printmaking overview workshops introduction to relief, intaglio, monoprint, and silk screen processes or a selected process project (nontoxic and water based inks for all processes).

One day, minimum 3 classes: $330 plus materials
One day, 4 classes: $405 plus materials
Capacity: maximum 30 participants per class.

One week, 4 classes a day: $1500
Residency usually a grade level
(or approximately 150 participants)

Mural residency requires a minimum of 3 weeks.
Space requirements are a classroom or similar workspace, tables, chairs and running water.

Pam Beagle-Daresta
392 Mark Ave
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Phone: 678 355 0868
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Email: pdarest@hotmail.com

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